Brand Doctors - Consultants in Brand and Communications Research

Brands, brands and more brands

From Toshiba to Tango, from Beck's to BMW, from Starbucks to Salad Cream (Heinz, of course!) Brand Doctors, essentially, do two things. We conduct good market research, local and global, and provide innovative thinking captured in clear, involving debriefs.

We have years of experience in understanding brand communication across the whole spectrum of channels be it an internal literature to company prospectus to press/poster/TV/Web campaign. We are expert in Below the Line in particular and love the world of DM etc. Now more money is spent on what comes through our letterboxes, inboxes and online than through our TV. We have evolved to track this.

We explore not just the words but the design and structure of advertising communication from raw ideas/inception through to finished work. Design and packaging work naturally suit our skill set; we are ex-design planners, with Yellow Pencils (D and AD!), hence creative empathy is strong.

"Doctor in the House"

The Brand Doctors come from client side Marketing Insight, Advertising and Design Agency Planning and Qualitative Research. We understand the importance of a story well told. We appreciate that the audience needs to feel confident about the actions they need to take.  We have a reputation of being commercially savvy and incisive. We offer a simple, more robust 'prescription' for good orderly business and communications direction.

Our qualification for being 'Brand-Doctors' is, in part, our blue-chip client list. We are known to 'crack' difficult problems and offer solutions. The conversation can start at any point of the process and need not end at the debrief.  We are independent but, on your team.

"Brand Doctors consistently provide actionable answers with a strong, coherent structure. They communicate it in a clear, informative, but probably most importantly, in an interesting and entertaining way"

Ben Tuff - former Senior Consumer Insight Manager at Britvic Soft Drinks now at Pepsi International (Asia).

We are strong in the contemporary obsessions;

Money, Food, Media, Health and Education.

MRS Conference Paper March 2008 London - Saint Or Sinner? - How Research Saves Scapegoat Brands

If your brand is a highly visible brand in its category it may already suffer from the phenomena of scapegoating by the media, politicians and consumers. It may, therefore, be more sinned against than a sinner. Past history/baggage may be used to fuel this brand witch-hunt.

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