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Your Results and Reporting - What Do You Need?

We don’t just tell you what people said, we provide thorough interpretation and recommendations. Our market research credentials are impeccable. We are experts in both best practice and conducting research and, interpreting the best actions. We provide insightful and meaningful reports/debriefs that help you to fully understand the implications of the research for your organisation.

We like to discuss the type of reporting that suits your needs. Our reports are succinct enough to be read and in depth enough to provide real analysis, guidance and information for you to action.

...Or any combination of the above.

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What do Heads and marketing colleagues request and require by way of Reporting?

‘We would like a weekly telephone update as the survey progresses that we know you also like to do. We agree the focus group sessions should be held off-site so as to provide a neutral venue for both parents and staff. At the close of the fieldwork we need firstly a Presentation with the head and myself. We also need a more formal presentation with the PowerPoint for the whole Governing body. Can you prepare the visual material for that meeting too so Governors can see the ‘collages’ prepared by parents and staff that captured the ‘imagery and personality of the school’?”

‘We need both written and face to face reporting. We need a formal presentation to the Head and the core team members with a Summary document as well as the slides. Once we have had time to digest the findings we can set up the presentation to the full management team and house staff.’
Director of Marketing