Brand Doctors - Consultants in Brand and Communications Research

What We Offer Schools

Market research to answer the big and small issues your school faces. As our name implies, we provide you with market feedback to diagnose and guide solutions to the challenges and opportunities your school faces.

Our reputation has been forged across complex and sensitive sectors, hence we are open to using a range of research and consultative methods including:

A Collaborative and Empathetic Mindset

We work in collaboration with Heads and Directors of Marketing so that we fully understand how our research fits with the rest of your strategic plans. This ensures we do the best job we can for you.

It is critical that the research you commission is relevant, actionable and engages the right people and method and, most importantly, is sensitive to the context in which you are working.

We are, in effect, both delivering ‘independent’ knowledge and, implicitly working as ambassadors for the school in conducting work on your behalf.

Bespoke Project Design

We offer a full service, from research design, developing the questions, contacting the people to take part, doing the research and analysing and reporting your results. We can do all of this or some of this, depending on your needs. We are happy to advise and support the bits that you prefer to do yourself.

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What are the market research questions Heads seek answered about their school and its competitors?

‘With the school about to embark on drafting a new five-year strategic plan, we wish to undertake some market research amongst some of our key stakeholders, namely staff, parents and pupils. We need to get beneath the skin of attitudes and see what’s really going on beyond league tables and facility ‘arms race’ of local schools.’
Day and Boarding School

‘Our school has a new head who has taken the reins after a long reign by a very charismatic predecessor. We need to look at how parents’ respond to the fresh approaches the head is planning. Focus groups are in our view going to give us the best insight as to how parents are responding to the new initatives.’
Prep School

‘We have a series of marketing activities and communications that the Governors and headmaster wishes to audit, ‘test’ and evaluate. What is the degree to which these work with prospective and existing parents and, ‘rejecter’ parents (who chose another school)?’
Regional Day and Boarding

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