Brand Doctors - Consultants in Brand and Communications Research

‘What do these guys know anyway?

Most mornings I get up and cook my family breakfast because I believe in good food being the fuel for good day. I am a market researcher, trained professional chef and have been a member of the National Farmers Union since 1983 when I started Brand-Doctors. Food is really important to me and I cook most days I can. I have worked with food businesses across a huge range of types and products. I know how good research work and careful thought can add to your business. (I have also worked as chef in London hotels and restaurants so understand the importance of margins!)

Kraft, St Ivel, Wall’s, Bowyers, Serious Foods., Northern Foods, Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King, Nestle (Rowntree’s), Cadbury, Tropicana, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Riverwood, most major and local breweries, Britvic and innumerable brands of drinks and foods are our experience.

We are not an advertising or marketing agency, rather we help you get the best from such suppliers by giving you feedback on how their ideas are working, or not, for your business. We are a small business of some 4 researchers, so we have time for both our small clients and our global ones.

We thoroughly believe in what JFK apparently always said ‘Don’t give me analysis of a problem unless you have diagnosed a solution’.

Three areas are our speciality:

Savvy brands not only care about improving their products,(McDonalds as an example continues to do this year on year),but also see there is ‘capital’ to be gained amongst buyers and other audiences such as parents. Good business means we need to engage with customers; find out what they want, don't want and might want and then think carefully about how to turn this understanding into a sustainable and profitable business.

‘Customers are pushing change,’

With food costs increasing, climate change and changing regulations, it is increasingly important for producers and suppliers in the food and rural market, to understand ‘customers’ opinion. Where our food comes from has leapt up the agenda and, although not all consumers understand sustainability, some still do see the values of Local, Fair-Trade and Organic. We work with boutique food businesses, small farmers and big global food players, helping them make research-based decisions about their businesses.

Customers are, in our experience, often confused about many food issues, they feel they need help and food brands can give this.

Brand Doctors use market research focus groups, one to one interviews etc, and other survey methods to identify opportunities and help producers and retailers understand their customers needs and wants. Good and reasoned market research, sensibly interpreted and presented in a down to earth manner, offers businesses the confidence they need. We look forward to helping your business.

Our advice and research helps sellers in the food and related businesses full take full advantage of trends, explore and test new ideas and promotion, and avoid costly mistakes.

‘A Smart Second Opinion ’

Often clients buy us in for day to talk through their plans (Brand-Doctors ‘Second Opinion’) and to see if research could add to their confidence. Our experience allows clients to pick our brains as a preface to taking the next steps.

Nowadays many of our market research projects are concerned with consumers, employees and commercial partners. We have just completed a study looking at how salesmen and customers opinions differ of the sales process and how this might also inform HR and recruitment of sales personnel.

Research based opinion is a powerful tool in influencing actions and getting buy-in. New businesses need it as much as established one’s and we work to the budget without necessarily compromising ‘deliverables’

Typical research objectives might include, in simple terms: