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Heaven is a new pair of glasses
Hearts and Minds

In the winter of 2006 we were asked by the NSPCC and WWAV to undertake a segmentation project amongst supporters. We were also looking at how and for whom particular DM styles were most 'effective'. Our facilitation of interviews and groups not only vividly characterized supporter typologies, it also yielded the first time the NSPCC had heard 'respondents', in focus groups, disclosing their own experience of being abused.

"Working with Brand Doctors was a meeting of minds. We were able to build the project together and as a result the client deliverable was much the better for it. For our project (attitudinal segmentation in the non-profit sector) we had a challenge to not only identify different motivations for support, but to also qualify these by understanding how different these motivations were from each other. This was not to be easy with the qualitative budget available.

Chris Payne's delivery was thought provoking, deep in insight and intuitively robust whilst still moving our understanding on. As a partner in the project he has helped us meet our project objectives rather than just our research objectives.

I always judge research by how much they can help me solve my marketing issues, not by how good they are at research. In this regard, Brand Doctors have been excellent."

Richard Hill Planning Director BMP/BBDO (formerly of WWAV)

Modern Hamburger Company

If your brand suffers from exaggerated criticism in its category then The Brand Doctors experience will be very relevant. Scapegoated brands need to be handled differently. The usual funnel research approach, of talking about the brand first, does not work. For McDonalds the Brand Doctors solution was to turn the research process on its head. Involving the respondent in what the brand meant beyond the culture of blame allowed the client to see the wood for the trees.

The project and its presentation were aimed at the highest levels of brand marketing. Tom Peck, Head of Insight at McDonald's Restaurants UK paid us the following compliment in a subsequent memo to his Insight group.

"Our introduction to Brand doctors was in 2006 when we investigated various different brand positionings'. The debrief that came out of the project, was a really good clear debrief. Do read it. The main man on the project was Chris Payne, very planner, very bright, and a lot of fun. Let's use this agency'

Tom Peck McDonalds Head of Insight

Ripper Thinking

Research amongst female magazine and newspaper readers in Australia, had highlighted the way in which readers' tore out articles and offers for others benefit. This, often mum or mum-in-law help, was seen as way of taking part in the life of their children's' families without being seen to interfere.

News International embarked upon a similar study in the UK, but focused upon actually generating 'ripping' and using it to extend the potency of the paper and the advertisers within its pages. TBWA, as the below the line agency and News International developed a large and intense body of ideas that needed to be explored. Brand Doctors 'won' the competitive pitch on the basis of their simple methodology. More importantly, however, was an ability to understand the needs which helped to really move thinking along.

"Brand Doctors, we love 'em! We asked Brand Doctors to carry out a substantial piece of research into direct marketing for us. We recognised that this is a low involvement topic and were concerned that it might be difficult to get consumers to engage in research on it. However, Chris and Carol did a great job of bringing this potentially dry area to life for our readers and we were really pleased with the creative - and actionable! - insight that they provided and their willingness to help us to apply their findings to our below the line activity."

Catherine Hunt, Senior Brand Planning, NGN Strategic Planning, News International Newspapers Ltd